IT WAS AN ORDINARY DAY, BUT NOT AN ORDINARY MOMENT. ¬†Approximately eight years ago when I first started travelig out of state I was invited to be the speaker at Brookside Church in Olive Branch, Mississippi. ¬†I put the address in my GPS, and headed north east out of Houston. ¬†Ten hours later upon reaching the GPS destination there was no church. ¬†However, looking thru the trees I could see a church steeple in the distance and drove that way. ¬†Pulling up in the parking lot I heard voices coming out of the gym’s open door. ¬†Upon entering I saw a half dozen men gathered around a table. ¬†One of the men looking up asked if they could help. ¬†Yes, I replied, I am your speaker for tonight. The man looking puzzled walk over towards me and asked, what type of speaker are you? ¬†I said, I am Kingdom Dog Ministries I am to talk tonight at The Brookside Church in Olive Branch, Mississippi and my GPS brought me to this address. ¬† The gentleman who is a friend to this day¬†said, your GPS made an error. ¬†This is the First Baptist Church, Olive Branch. ¬† Brookside Church is about 11 miles down the road. ¬†He then questioned one more time, but you really are a men’s event speaker? ¬† What do you do? ¬†I said come outside and I will show you. ¬†I use beautiful trained labrador dogs to demonstrate the meaning of God’s Word. ¬†I opened up my truck letting a dog out and used him in a demonstration. ¬†He quietly said, trying not to get choked up, this is unbelievable. ¬†We received notification this morning that our speaker for tomorrow has had to cancel. ¬† We were¬†just¬†asking God to send us a speaker, and ¬†YOU CAME WALKING THROUGH THE DOOR because your GPS sent you to the wrong address!!!!!¬†Miracles do still happen, and yes‚Ķ. needless to say, I had two events that weekend!


First Baptist Church of Olive Branch, Mississippi is a church with a remarkable past and a tremendous future! The story of FBCOB is a story of the work of God. Founded in 1838, the church has been a consistent and reliable part of the landscape of this growing community for over 175 years! Now, in the 177th year of ministry, we continue to see the hand of God at work. God is doing incredible things in this community through this generation of First Baptist as lives are transformed and families are strengthened.

Hank and Red Dog look forward to speaking at the Wild Game Dinner and Auction of First Baptist on Friday, the 28th.  If you are in the area come by and see us, and meet the wonderful people of this church.




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