See the Word of God… through the eyes of a dog.

Kingdom Dog Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching obedience and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the unique use of Labrador Retrievers. Using dogs as a visual illustration, KDM blends humor with simple and timeless biblical truths to show the power of obedience in the life of the believer. Our desire is that you will both learn the power of obedience and gain a desire for a life of submission to Jesus Christ.

Have Kingdom Dog Ministries at your next event. We travel all over the country giving hundreds of presentations each year.

Come see the dogs and this life-changing presentation in person. We have events booked throughout the country. See our calendar for an event near you.

What are people saying about Kingdom Dog Ministries?

“Kingdom Dogs put on one of the most entertaining, yet scripturaly true talks that you will ever see! Get ready to be entertained, amazed, and instructed. What a great way to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

All who witness what Kingdom dog shares will find their lives enriched and their understanding of Biblical truth greatly enhanced. Few presentations reveal as much spiritual truth with the creativity and ease as that of Kingdom Dog Ministries.

“That dog can preach, brother!”

“Wow! What a dog! Be careful, if that dog ever learns to drive, Hank will be out of a job!”

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Each year one lucky winner receives a FREE registered Labrador Retriever Kingdom Dog Puppy. Enter to win here! The drawing will be held in December of 2015.

2015 Puppy Give Away

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