• I have to be honest. Before Kingdom Dog Ministries came I was very skeptical. How could having a dog and his trainer in church during Sunday morning service be biblical, productive or even a worth while use of my time? Interesting, yes. Probably a good idea to draw some folks in, maybe. But a good substitute to preaching on Sunday morning? Nah. But I came with an open, curious mind and took my normal seat. I was wrong. It is a remarkable thing for a man who claims to not be a preacher, only a duck hunter to lay out God's plan and design for our lives so simply and thoroughly as he sees it. To have major concepts and deep theology explained in a way the meaning and intention cannot be misinterpreted. Bro Hank took huge concepts that entire seminary classes are devoted to and made them practical and realistic.

    Anonymous Cabot, Arkansas
  • September 15th at the FCA Expo in Fort Smith Arkansas, Hank brought the gospel out like I've never heard before. He allowed God to use him in a most awesome way. He reminded my wife and I that there are certain steps to raise up your child. You can't go past one till they learned the other. Thank you so much.

    Josh Claypoole FCA Expo, Fort Smith, AR
  • Hank was our guest speaker at our church in Inola Oklahoma. He was awesome. Preacher is an outstanding dog. I would love to hear he preach more.
    Michael Foster First Baptist Church, Inola, OK
  • Hank's passionate teaching and personal testimony pierces to the heart of those who hear God's message. Seeing the gospel presented from the vantage point of these amazing dogs brings the message "home" in a unique and engaging way. Watching the message reach hearts is the best part! Hank presented at a Sportsman's Banquet and our morning worship services at First Baptist Church Queen City. I have never seen an evangelism presentation reach so many people from different backgrounds. Our community is still buzzing about it days later. What a blessing!

    Jim Looby, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church Queen City
  • I had the pleasure of watching Hank and his dogs at Canyon Lake High School in Canyon Lake, Texas today. What a great way to tell a story using beautiful black labs. The messages were strong and easy to understand for young and old alike and really hit home. Great reminders of what we are called to do and our purpose in Gods plan. If you have the opportunity to see a show or bring it to your community, DO IT. You won't regret it. God bless this crew with many, many great shows and saved souls.

    Elizabeth Ferriby Canyon Lake High School, Canyon Lake, TX
  • What a great presentation of the gospel last night by Hank and Red Dog. Young and old heard a thorough sermon acted out by a master dog trainer and a faithful dog. Brilliant and God got the glory!

    Bill Brooks Jr. Family Outreach, Lexington, SC
  • One of the best presentations of the gospel I have ever heard! Hope we can have him back again at Queen City First Baptist.

    Judy Spencer Queen City First Baptist
  • Hank my Brother in Christ , your compassion for Christ is awesome . I loved how you show this through your loyal (fur babies ) . When i was sitting out there watching you and these babies of yours doing what they do and showing you the love they have for you was just amazing . The Trust and Love and the Peace they have in you is what I want in Christ . I know i fall short of His expectations , and fail Him everyday .After watching and listening to your Testimony . The temptations we are dealt everyday , the choices we make and all the things in this world is difficult to deal with . when i was sitting out there i see these animals doing what you ask of them is on the Marc . Obeying our Master Our Lord and Savior and Trusting Him is threatened every single minute of our lives . When he was presenting this testimony I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me telling me ...let it go ..I GOT YOU . This morning my Pastor asked if I would give my testimony of what I got out of your presentation yesterday ..I agreed and when I went to speak in front of the congregation all I could think about was how I , We , all as Christians need to listen to our Savior and Trust in Him and give it to Him . All we have to do is Trust and Love and know He is with us always ..I want to thank you for opening my eyes and showing me what He expects. I will be on my knees Praying and keeping focused for He is my Savior and through Him is the Way and the Truth ..Thank you Sir ..and I hope to meet you again. You are a Blessing to whoever gets to see how God works through you ..GOD BLESS YOU and Your dogs.

    Bill Sprueill
  • Mr. Hough along with Red and Preacher visited our church (First Baptist Church, Livingston) this evening 10-3-17. It was amazing! Please, if you are given the opportunity in your area to hear Mr. Hough speak, don't pass it up. For those of you that may be like myself, visual aids help me a lot! Being able to see how his fur babies respond to him because they know, love and trust him. And seeing them reflect that love right back to him. When he explains the connection between the love, trust and respect his dogs have for him it is so easy to see that this is exactly the kind of relationship we need and should have with our Heavenly Father. I know it would be a lot easier if we could hear from and see Him. But this is where we must put our faith in action. He loves us so much and is just waiting and hoping we (just as any parent of a child would) tell and show Him how much we love and trust Him and how much it means to us to have Him in our lives.

    Dana Brough FBC Livingston, Livingston, TX
  • Witnessed the marvel of Mr Hough and his dogs this morning at Rose Heights Men's Breakfast. We spoke briefly afterword and he asked me to send a comment regarding what impacted me most from the morning's presentation, so here goes: I, like Paul can lay legitimate claim to be the chiefest of sinners yet the Creator of the universe took great pains (literally) to demonstrate His Love and desire for us to have a close relationship. That Love was clearly represented by the expressions of love and trust in the relationship between Hank and the two dogs he brought this morning. It so clearly reminded me that it is all because of "His great Love for us" that such a relationship is possible; and that it is foundational to all that follows. I am His willing bond-servant because of the boundless Love of my Creator. Thank you, Mr Hough for your obedience to the call of our Savior and making the sacrifice of time and treasure to be with us this morning.

    Ken Allison Rose Heights, Tyler, TX
  • On Friday November 03, 2017 My life changed forever. I attended a hog roast in Bargersville Indiana and was told there would be sportsman dogs, so I thought cool would love to see this. Well not knowing my life would change forever because of the message that was given. I'm 53 years old and I was raised in a Christian home but thought God had given up on me for the way I had lived my life but you know what he didn't and I will tell everybody about this ministry and the testimony that God has given this man and his dog and I am the one he sent you to Indiana for, Praise God and thank you both so much, I Love you both and would love to talk to you again and see you again sometime. God bless you and your family. As hunters I always thought we had to be tuff and rugged and thought I would become week if I allowed God to take over but guess what I was wrong. KEEP GOING.

    John McVey Bargersville, Indiana
  • In 2011, I found Kingdom Dog Ministries because I googled “dog ministries” as I was searching for ideas to use my golden retriever to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was (and still am) completely enamored with the way that Hank Hough presents the Gospel and demonstrates obedience by using his Labrador retrievers. I watched his schedule for years hoping he would come close to Indiana and was very blessed to see him and Preacher in person in November, 2017. It was a blessing to see a man commit his life to Christ during this presentation! All of Heaven is rejoicing over one soul! I am even more convinced that this is a powerful demonstration for all ages that should be seen around the world! Jesus Christ is the answer for this generation and it is awesome that Mr. Hough is willing to be a servant of the Most High God that is using him in this most inspiring way. Praying for you and the dogs, brother!

    Sandy Nogle
  • Hank came to our church recently and while the dog tricks were amazing, the message was easily the most relevant and poignant I've ever heard regarding our relationship with our Savior.

    Jamie Barnes
  • Hank and Preacher were amazing. We took all 5 of our kids to see him at Linwood church. Being a family that loves animals we could totally relate to his message and it was delivered for all ages so my kids could also relate! We will definitely look to try and see him again. It is for sure worth your time and for your kids to show them you care that they know Jesus and that there are all kinds of ways to seek Him. Thanks Hank and Preacher!!

    Addie Sanchez Linwood Church
  • Kingdom Dog Ministries presented the gospel in a very unique and powerful way to an audience of all ages. The gospel was so clear and the Spirit was moving tremendously throughout the entire event. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because Hank is telling the gospel through the eyes of a dog that this ministry is for children or youth only. The presentation was clearly for all ages and all levels of spiritual maturity. God is touching lives, changing hearts, and encouraging believers to walk closer and be in deeper fellowship with Him through Kingdom Dog Ministries. I am so thankful to Hank and his beautiful dog, Preacher, for delivering the message of encouragement and spiritual discipline in the same sermon. This is a very special way to deliver God's message to all ages.

    Reverend Shawn O'Shields
  • Thank You Hank for letting God speak through you and Red today. My heart was truly touched by your message and how everything you said and did with Red was clear and to the point of the gospel.

    Cari Trotter Trinity Baptist Baptist, Wellston, OK
  • Thank you Bro. Hank for your concise Gospel presentation with Red at Trinity Baptist Church of Wellston Oklahoma. Your presentation exceeds any age limits imaginable, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was so simple a child could understand it or a senior that is advanced in the ways of God. Anyone can be convicted to go beyond where they are now. Your presentation called me to fix my eyes on my master Jesus Christ and to obey Him in my actions not because I am forced but because of the love He has shown me and the love that I have for Him. Your message on raising children encouraged my family of how to discipline with love and selflessness. I hope and pray that the message God has given you will continue to touch and change lives through the eyes of your dogs. Your presentation was an immense blessing to me and my family thank you Bro. Hank.

    Camin McMurry Trinity Baptist Church
  • Kingdom dog ministries came to our church, Fort Bend Fellowship, in late March this year. I was so impressed and moved by the dogs and their master Hank. The comparison of their relationship between Hank and each dog and Christ's relationship to each of us was made so vividly clear. What a great way to share Christ with anyone no matter what their age! I recommend any church to have Kingdom Dog Ministries come and present to their congregation! I look forward to the day our church has them again! Thanks Hank for your awesome and unique ministry!

    Anonymous Fort Bend Fellowship
  • Our Women's ministry, along with our local church recently hosted a KDM event. Our team and church were so excited for this event and knew it would be great. This event however was more than that! It really is life changing for non believers and believers alike! This is definitely a calling for Hank and the Lord has his hand on this ministry! We were overwhelmed with the amount of people who gave their life to Christ that night. I encourage Ministries and Churches alike to truly consider hosting a KDM event , I can assure you, you will not be disappointed!

    Pam Trotter
  • Hank what an amazing gift you have been blessed with! My name is Kelly Valentine and my veterinary technician friend, Cheryl with her black lab Dexter, met you at Bay Area Christian because you took the time to stop in the parking lot to chit chat with us. Thanks so much for letting us love on the Preacher and telling us all about this amazing things y'all do together. We hope to see you again very soon!

    Kelly Valentine Paws Over Texas, Deer Park TX
  • Very honest and up front. Being in the breeding business for over 20 years, I'd have never dreamed that a dog could show a human way it means to follow Christ. Brother Hank shows how we as Christians should treat our Savior if we truly want what's best in our lives. A dog that has a Master that shows love and compassion is no different than us Christians that have a Heavenly Father that shows us nothing but love and compassion regularly.

    Donnie Hancock Oklahoma City, OK
  • I saw Hank today at the Powerhouse church in Katy TX. I have to admit that I wasn't exactly prepared for what I saw. Somehow I expected this to be a children's ministry with a Bible story to share.....I was right...that is exactly what it was. After 38 years of serving God, I'm a child...the "Bible story" was exactly that...THE STORY that we embrace as Christians is THE ONLY STORY THAT MATTERS and it was incredibly demonstrated today with Hank and his dogs.. The heart, passion and vision of Hank Hough came out wide and clear.

    Jack Roth Powerhouse Church, Katy TX
  • What an experience!!!!! The senior adult ministries of Florence Street Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, OK invited Hank Hough and his beautiful black lab dog, Bandera, to give a presentation to our group. Words are not adequate to describe the rich blessing we received. Bandera (and Hank), through the awesome obedience of Bandera to his master reminded us of the need in our lives to be obedient to our Master, Jesus Christ. The gospel was presented "through the eyes of a dog" in a marvelous way, and the plan of salvation was presented so very clearly. If your group should be fortunate enough to have Hank and Bandera, you will receive a blessing that will not soon be forgotten. I hope that one day in the near future, Florence Street Baptist will again have opportunity to have the Kingdom Dog Ministries in our church. A Wonderful Spiritual Experience!!

    Sue Lee Florence Street Baptist
  • I just had the chance to see this presentation after our annual Wild Game Dinner at Raymond Baptist Church in New Hampshire. I loved it! I wish it could have gone longer. Bandera was gorgeous and such a well trained and obedient black lab; he is clearly happy and loved. Hank was a lively and fun presenter and kept us engaged and laughing while we anticipated Bandera's moves. There were many great messages in this one presentation. Obedience, temptation, personal training in God's Word and Americans should Bless God (loved that). The gospel message was woven in throughout all of it. I was entertained from start to finish and I was pleased that it was captivating and educational for my 11 year old. I know that she will remember this night and it will give us an easy and practical way to discuss obedience, temptation and studying God's word. She came straight home and asked her dog (Bugsy) to "sit because I love you". Every time she repeats this new command, I think it will also reinforce the message that she can obey her parents because we love her; but most of all she can obey God because HE LOVES HER. Awesome night. I just wish more of my friends could have been there.

    Amy Houston Raymond Baptist
  • I saw KDM at the Sportsman Prayer Breakfast in Dallas on 1/9/16. I have been a Christian for a long time and have seen several different ways of presenting the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. This was the first time I have ever seen it presented through the obedience of a dog and it was totally awesome. The illustrations used in the presentation was so clear that it fulfilled Scripture in that even a child could understand but it was clearly directed at us men. I attended with a group of men from my Men's Reunion Group and the part of the message that most impacted us all was that at the beginning of the presentation, Hank told us that he would get rid of the dog and use another if the dog refused to be obedient and then put this in a practical application that God loves us, but He'll get someone else if we fail to be obedient. I can't wait to see Hank and his dog(s) again so that I can bring others.

    Dale Johnson Dallas, TX
  • This is a very special God gifted way to deliver his word to his people. The message was great and the dogs were great! I took a chance and visit this church January 3, 2016 and was totally shocked to have received such an awesome word from God. I write biblical plays and present them around Houston and have used animals myself in many plays we have presented. It would be so awesome to have one of these dogs in our future plays. I have used animals before and people were delighted and filled from the performances. I videoed a small clip of the (messengers) from Sunday January 3rd, and have showed it to various people, they too think it was an awesome presentation. The bible talks about the donkey speaking and I think we should all consider listening to even animals speak. Keep letting God use you in his way.

    Mary Gray-Gossett Kingdom Blue Productions
  • We were really looking forward to seeing KDM at WoodsEdge on December 23, 2015 and were not disappointed! Seeing the Gospel presented through the dogs' eyes was incredible. The message I took with me is that living for Christ brings blessing to our lives, and to listen to our Master's voice in the midst of the distractions and temptations of the world. Thank you for this ministry that speaks to all generations!

    Cathy Borucki Woodsedge
  • Hank Hough came to my church on September 27, and did his demonstration with his dogs. I was expecting to see his dogs jump through a bunch of hoops, beg, walk on two legs. However, I was totally blown away when he related everything that his dog did to our relationship with Christ. How amazing is that? God can use a dog to lead people to Christ. I was already a Christian before he came but, this was so incredible it really inspired me to walk closer to Christ.

    Hannah Zbylot
  • Hank Hough was our guest speaker on February 20, 2015 for our 26th Annual Men and Boy’s Wild Game Feast (about 550 men and boys). His method of sharing is unique and powerful using his beloved Labrador Retrievers. We were blessed by Bandera and Crossfire for this particular event. Hank presented the message of the gospel and our need for obedience in a very simple way that was easily understood by all ages. All attendants were riveted to the stories and the way he makes his points using the dogs as illustration. You can tell the dogs absolutely love what they do and they love their master, Hank! I was personally blessed to have some one-on-one time with Hank. He makes you instantly feel at ease and comfortable. He truly touched my heart with his love for people and his genuine love for the Lord! You will be blessed by Hank and his beautiful dogs as he shares with your organization!

    Rodney Johnson FBC Hornbeck
  • I witnessed the presentation that "Preacher" and his master demonstrated last Sunday at Ashville First Baptist Church. It was the most amazing church service I've ever experienced. It was such a clever way to reach people; especially the younger generation. It puts things in perspective as to what it means to be obedient and loyal to our Lord. I was so touched and moved by the way that I received his message that it made me look at my own actions and wanted God to change me and make me into a better person. I hope this ministry continues to grow and reach every soul that is lost and needing to be found. May God bless you and the dogs as well as the entire ministry!

    Debra Messner FBC Ashville
  • What a wonderful & simple way to spread the word of God. I just saw Kingdom Dogs for the first time in Fort Worth last night. I was so impressed not only by the dogs but how the good news of God was told by the handler and his lab(s). Hank and his dogs made the gospel so plane and so easy to understand that it makes so much sense to anyone, weather raised in church or not. Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless Kingdom Dogs and all that support this organization.

    James White Fort Worth, TX
  • We had an amazing experience with Hank and his dogs at First Baptist Church School in Brenham, Texas. Mr. Hank spoke directly to our students as his dogs watched him, their owner, intently and kept their eyes on him. He shared with us many parallels with a dog's master and our students' authority figures, whether they are their parents, teachers, principals, boss, etc. Of course, it all came down to keeping our eyes on the Master and following Him and not allowing others the ability to pull us away from the Truth. I would highly recommend him at a school or church event.

    Nancy Fritz First Baptist Church School, Brenham
  • Hank, I met you at Micky's funeral, the cowboy, and am getting you my information so we can continue our conversation. I would love more information on becoming a presenter, for sure, and some on the training end as well. At this time, my wife and I, know God is moving in our lives so we are searching his heart for our plans. You said I was your "replacement", but one has to start in serious prayer, before they just jump into anything. So I ask that you help us by lifting this up in prayer and let's let God guide our paths.

    Anonymous Spring, TX
  • Thank you so much for coming to present during chapel today at Gateway Baptist. We really enjoyed having Cross-fire and Pastor David Riley come to teach us all about the power of obedience! They kept both the children and the teachers engaged for the whole presentation, which can be hard to do when you are working with preschoolers. I know that the adults and the children all learned something new about the way God views us and the way that we should view Him. What an original way to present the Gospel message! We couldn't offer a stronger recommendation for other schools looking for a dynamic presentation on obedience.

    Kim Evans Gateway Baptist
  • We were able to bring a young boy,new convert to Christianity, to the Olney performance on October 22nd. After sitting through the show, he was very clear about the relationship he needed with Jesus Christ and what he needed to do to strengthen his relationship. It was amazing to see how using these dogs brought such a change in only 45 minutes.

    Anonymous South Side Baptist
  • I just wanted to share my experience with the ministry of the kingdom dogs. The presentation was in El Paso and was so packed full of life lessons being visually depicted through the training of the kingdom dog , Bandara. The work of the Holy Spirit was so present through realities discussed like temptation, being a servant, and knowing the Father's voice because you are in a relationship with the Almighty God. This is so much more than a well trained lab doing tricks. It represents the struggles and challenges of our Christian walk and what can be done today to change where you are headed. Lives were impacted by this presentation. I know mine was challenged and changed. Thanks be to God and the Kingdom Dogs.

    Anonymous El Paso, TX
  • Hank and Bandera came and spoke at our Back To School Bash at Keys Baptist Church in Park Hill, OK. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the airport. The first thing I saw was a dog with the end of his leash in his mouth, he was walking himself. From the first handshake it was like Hank and I were old friends. Hank's love for The Lord shows through without a doubt. The presentation of the Gospel Message through the use of a dog makes it easy for the young and old alike to understand. There were 61 salvation decisions that night and I have no doubt that many more lives were changed in some way. When I took Hank and Bandera to the airport the next day, it was like saying goodbye to an old friend. I can't wait to work with him again. I would recommend Hank and his dogs for your next church event.

    Anonymous Keys Baptist
  • I sat down at my computer tonight, April 17, 2014, and began watching a video of KDM at Lone Star Cowboy Church. Not a word spoken was unheard. Not one action of the beloved dogs went unnoticed. For 16 years of my life I was married to a husband with a severe drug addiction. We share four beautiful amazing daughters. Our marriage was overflowing with lies,drugs, blatant affairs, abuse, neglect, suffering, pain. I stayed because I was raised not to run from my problems instead to take them to God. My heart endured hurt upon hurt. More than my pain was the suffering and hurt of our precious children that I could not kiss and make disappear. Five years ago I had to make the hardest decision for myself and my children of my life. I filed for divorce. No matter how much I prayed, or what I done, I could not cure his addiction. The war that waged in him, only he and God could tackle. The aftermath left me with a range of emotions, none of which were positive. I still struggle with anxiety attacks since the divorce. Even though my life has moved on as my children's have as well, what we endured will be a part of us forever. We are a work in progress, we all are still healing. I can not even begin to describe what kind of gift I received after watching KDM. God's timing is impeccable and right on time tonight. The dogs and Hank's words could not have come at a better time. All I can say is thank you and I love you. May God Bless You, may He bless you indeed! You have touched my life deeply!

    Anonymous Lone Star Cowboy Church
  • I was privileged to meet Hank, Bandera, and Preacher this morning at Magnolia Cowboy Church and hear their ministry. Hank made the word of God come alive through the use of his dogs. He related that his love for his dogs, just as God's love for His people, lead them to better lives and protect them from the serpent. He told us and then demonstrated how his dogs know their names just as Christ knows our name and if they/we follow his/His voice they/we will have a better life whether it it is getting the duck as in the case of the dog or in our case a peace that passes understanding and an eternal life with God. If you ever have a chance to see this ministry I urge you to do so. It brings home the life and Resurrection of Christ and eternal salvation. Thank you Hank, Bandera and Preacher for teaching this morning of Christ's love for all.

    Anonymous Magnolia Cowboy Church
  • Hank, You visited my church, First Baptist Denton on March 15th. I asked my dad numerous times leading up to it to come with me, I really left him no choice... so he came! He absolutely loved your program, he enjoyed getting called out when he touched the bumper in the middle of the isle, you said something like "woah big man back there, I would fight him for you but he's too big!" My father has been a Christian all his life but like anyone had struggles and sometimes he felt like they were too much. He told me when we got home that night that he checked the box that he re-prayed the prayer and that your performance was eye opening. Hank, he passed away yesterday March 19th unexpectedly. I have so much peace and comfort in the fact that he was confident in his standing with The Lord after watching you and praying the prayer again. Thank you for allowing The Lord to work through you and to find someone as amazing as my dad who had been spiritually broken for SO long. Much love, Macy Rousseau

    Macy Rousseau FBC Denton
  • I just wanted to thank you for you awesome ministry. My family and I watched you and Bandera a few weeks ago with my brother and his family. At the end of the night, my son ended up accepting Christ as his savior!! 20 years of prayers were finally answered. Thank you again for your wonderful ministry and may God Bless you and your awesome dogs!

    C. Adams
  • Do you want a heart-grabbing speaker? Hank's presentation was both poignant and transforming. The utilization of the dogs to bring the message home was genius. Unlike anything else!

  • Hank was wonderful as a speaker and motivator. His message was wonderful for both believers and those who are seekers. Hank certainly challenged us t0 be all that we can be for the Lord. I highly recommend contracting Hank for a large event where you can be sure that the Gospel will be clearly stated.

  • Designs for Living conference in Gatlinburg Tn. Nov 1-3. God has called and anointed Hank to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and to teach bible truths! You could sense God's presence in the room. It was beautiful to see Hank and Bandera work together to touch our hearts. Hank was talking to us like a Daddy, who so loves His children and wants to instruct them with Biblical wisdom.

    Cindy Gatlinburg, TN
  • The demonstrations about worldliness were current with all the temptations we Christ followers are challenged with daily. A big take away is that you must always listen for his voice. Thank you Preacher and Hank for sharing this message. Many men have a clearer perspective of the Word of God today. Oct 17, 2013 Charleston SC

    Anonymous Charleston, SC
  • Thank you, Hank, for the message you brought to our students yesterday. There are many voices competing for the ears of our young people and it is important they know the importance of recognizing the voice of their Creator and Savior. You are clearly used by your master and we were the beneficiaries of your obedience. Thank you.

  • I was privileged to see Kingdom Dog Ministries at Philadelphia Baptist Church in Deville, Louisiana. Since I sit in a wheelchair, I'm usually at the back of the church. Mr. Hank came by before the service and asked if I would like to pet Preacher. I told him that I could not move my hands so he had Preacher rest his chin on my arm. For someone who can't shake hands, bump fists or give hugs, it was an unbelievably sweet moment for me. Thank you, Mr. Hank, for bringing him by. Throughout the service, my eyes were glued to the pulpit. We learned everything from bringing a child up in the way that he/she should go, to how to become a Christian. Since I am already a Christian, I learned that I can be better and that I want to be a champion like Preacher. If you are viewing these testimonials to see if Kingdom ministries, is right for your church or organization. It definitely is! Thank you to my pastor and the men's ministry for allowing us to hear God speak through a dog and his master.

    Julie Philadelphia Bapstist
  • God Bless you Hank and your awesome Labs. You and your crew were at our Northside Baptist church Sports Banquet Saturday night 9-21-2013 here in Corsicana, Texas. There are no words to describe what we saw that night. In all my years on this earth I have never seen the word of God explained in such a beautiful way. You covered the plan of salvation in one hour with those beautiful Labs. You had our complete undivided attention. We being dog lovers could not believe how smart your Labs were, and we could see the love they had for you. We have tried to tell friends about our experience but it can't be told. They need to see it to understand the magnitude of the show. Too awesome to tell. Have to see it to believe. You were at the back door of the church when I left. We spoke and shook hands. You and your Labs have a special gift and you have put it to great use. Keep up the good work and hope to see you again. God bless you and your crew and plan on coming back in the future.

    Danny & Cecilee Richards Northside Baptist
  • Hank and Preacher were the keynote event at Mansfield Baptist Church's Sportsman's Dinner on Sept 7 in Mansfield, GA. We were blessed beyond belief to say the least!. Hank and Preacher's message is so profound, yet so simple it can touch men, women, and youth of all ages. God is so AMAZING that he can use such a unique ministry to touch the lives of so many. May God Continue to bless this ministry.

    Anonymous Mansfield Baptist
  • Wow!! Hank and Preacher came to visit us at Shining Light Outreach Center and what a day it was. Amazing, powerful, Spirit filled, doctrinally sound, action packed message. The Gospel was clearly presented and children who can only sit still maybe 15 minutes and adults all sat spellbound for over one hour. This was one of the most exciting presentations I have ever heard. Absolutely loved it. Thank you Hank and Preacher for coming and presenting God's Word to our children, youth, and adults. You have blessed us in a mighty way. God Bless and Keep on Keeping On!

    Dean Wallace Shining Light Outreach
  • Sunday July 14, 2013 Hank and his kingdom dogs came to our church this Sunday morning. It was one of the most dynamic worship experiences i have ever witnessed. The metaphors that Hank uses in his message shed light on current issues in American, and Christian culture. Every point made was poignant and impact-full for people who have been Christians for decades, and those that have never heard the gospel of Jesus the Christ. If you are looking for a creative presentation of the gospel of Jesus that grabs the attention of all in attendance, look no further than Hank Hough and Kingdom Dog Ministries.

  • Kingdom Dog Ministries came to our "Houston Project" site through Houston's First Baptist Church. These are inner-city mission projects that reach out each summer to the entire city of Houston, TX. They performed an AMAZING and RELEVANT portrayal of Christ and a life pursuing holiness through great teachings! Our site worked with all ages, mostly children and teenagers. The children loved it! Everyone was very attentive and interested! It brought great joy to all persons involved! As a site leader, I still remember the great teaching on obedience! How there are many distractions that keep us from obeying God, but we can always keep our eyes on God and obey Him knowing that there is always something better He has for us.

    Anonymous Houston First Baptist
  • God asks for uncompromising obedience born out of complete devotion to Him. In a world full of bling, such obedience is a lofty goal. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you, Hank, for your refreshing illustration of Godly obedience. You and your dogs showed me what it looks like to hear only my Master’s voice. You and your dogs showed me what it looks like to reject the tempting bling when God tells me to, and you provided a great example of why uncompromising obedience so very important. With a careful mixture of comedy and conviction, you and your highly trained, disciplined, faithful dogs showed me what Godly obedience looks like. I often think about Preacher and that bright orange bumper, and I have to giggle at myself. I’m a fairly seasoned Christian, and I have a pretty clear understanding of Godly obedience. At least I thought I did. Thanks, Hank!! You have a simple message that really sticks.

    Mike FBC Lakeside
  • Hank, Your presentation at Hill Country Bible Church in Austin on Saturday was excellent! I wish I had invited more people to attend the event. You teach about our obedience to Jesus Christ in such a unique way using your retrievers. Your message can be understood by young kids and adults alike. Thank you for a powerful demonstration and God Bless Kingdom Dog Ministries!

    David Yeary Hill Country Bible
  • You cannot imagine how busy the program is... We are so swamped that we don't have time to blog or post near enough. The short version - God is working in a mighty way my friends! Praise the Lord! Hank was in South Carolina this last week and had 331 decisions for Jesus Christ at one meeting, that is right, not a typo, 3-3-1. Phew! Many many more presentations and activities going on. Hank and Bandera Dog will be on a week long tour in Alaska starting tomorrow. We NEED from you-- 1) Always first, pray, pray, pray. 2) Resource support, the dogs are hungry (not really), but seriously the program is growing and we are trying to keep up, help us out. 3) Tell someone about us, call us, book us, you know we love men's events but have spoken all across the USA in a variety of venues. 4) Praise God with us, over 12,000 decisions in less than three years! To God be ALL the Glory!

  • I have known Hank and Prophet for sometime now. I have heard the message that God puts in Kingdom Dog and it never gets old. This weekend Hank and Prophet came to Rock Hill, SC to speak in front of 1000 country folks and God showed up. We had 331 people pray the Prayer to change their lives forever. Wow!!!! . Folks, you need to hear this message. It will speak to your heart. The best part of this message is the messenger knows he and Prophet are nothing more than the messenger. God is the one that moves in Kingdom Dog Ministries and they just follow his lead. Hank has learned to sit and hear his master's voice. As Regional Director of the Christian Sportsmen's Fellowship, I highly recommend you hire this message to come and change lives in your area!

    Jay Matthews Christian Sportsmen's Fellowship
  • I just got home from an event at our church that God uses every year, (8 so far) to change men's lives for eternity. We have had great speakers in years past and God has done incredible things every single time. Tonight was life changing. I was able to spend some time with Hank before and after the event and I have to say that he is the real deal. Some speakers come in and do their job and get out of town. Some are in it to see God move. Hank is the one who is in it to be used by the Lord. I knew God would do amazing things tonight when Hank told me not to make a big deal about introducing him when I asked him how he wanted to be announced. It started months and months before when a member of our team put in a call to Hank and asked him to pray about coming to the event. Hank looked at his schedule and thought that it would probably not be a good idea to pack so many dates in within the week. Well, God had another plan. Hank prayed and God told him to come. The tickets the event, in which the proceeds all go to buy door prizes, sold out in the last minute possible. All that does not compare to what happened tonight. Hank preached the truth of the Gospel in such a creative way with his dog, everyone in the audience was awestruck. God has gifted this man in a mighty way. Around 900 men, women and children were at the event and 331 responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God moved tonight and I have to tell you that if you have an opportunity to bring Hank in, make it happen. Families and churches will be changed. One last story. Most speakers, after a flight from Texas to South Carolina, that happened to arrive the afternoon of the event, would want to go rest as soon as he had a chance to leave. Well, Hank got the leaders together to pray over all of the cards that represented souls, that were filled out by everyone there. Awesome, Big God night. If God is for us, who can be against us.

    Joey Deese Oakdale Baptist Church
  • I'm 43/male from Pensacola, attended morning service at Olive Baptist with my girlfriend but was unable to attend KDM that night (7/15/12). When the pastor introduced Hank that morning, tears came to my eyes when I saw that beautiful lab. I'm a huge animal lover and have 3 Weimaraners, anyhow I was left curious so I looked up Hank on the web and watch his Texarkana video from 2010 and was moved. I'm exactly as Hank said he once was, unable to make sense of anything from the bible and even though being saved at the age of 12, I don't have the relationship w/Christ that I know will come. Well, today watching KDM I finally got some true understanding after all these years. I've never witnessed a more powerful lesson on Christ in my entire life than today. Thank you.

    Steve Olive Baptist
  • Hank, Prophet, and Monk came to share the amazing work of Christ in our lives at a V.B.S. here in Houston last week. The impact on not only the kids but on the leaders was phenomenal! I know I took many life lessons from it, and nearly half the kids raised their hands, claiming they prayed to receive Christ! Thank you for all you do!

  • When we spread the word that "Kingdom Dog Ministries" was coming to our church, many people expected a cute little dog show with some object lessons about obedience or something along those lines. However, when Hank brought Prophet and Preacher to our little corner of North West Houston, and we were blown away! When Hank says that he will teach the Bible, he absolutely means it! It was amazing to see the Word of God unfold through the relationship between the dog's and their master. Truly one of the most unique and powerful presentations I have ever witnessed. Weeks later, we still have men talking about things they saw and lessons they learned! It was so easy to invite men to come see Kingdom Dog, because of the uniqueness of it. Men who were hesitant to attend anything "churchy", were intrigued and attended this event. Prophet and Preacher entertained and amazed. Hank taught and proclaimed. And the Holy Spirit challenged and convicted. Every single man heard the gospel clearly and uniquely communicated, and was challenged in his walk with Jesus Christ. This is an amazing experience, and I highly recommend you invite Kingdom Dogs to your neck of the woods!

    Joey Dean Lazybrook Baptist Church
  • Well it has been almost a month since Hank and Prophet were at Old North Church in Canfield, OH and we continue to hear reports on how lives were challenged and changed as a result of the message. What a unique ministry they have! You couldn't ask for a more clear demonstration of hearing the Masters voice and the importance of obedience. Keep up the great work!

    Anonymous Old North Church
  • Dave & Hank came to present key elements in our relationship with Christ to our group and it was awesome! The entire group was attentive and loved the analogies presented. We had 11 people accept Christ – AMEN. I would recommend this ministry to everyone looking for a different approach to impacting the Kingdom. Thank you all very much.

    Anonymous West Conroe Baptist
  • Hank & the Dogs had the full attention of the Bay Community Church crowd at our 3rd Annual Wild Game Dinner for well over one full hour as they were locked in on the testimony he gave. The results were unbelievable!!! We moved 178 lives to Christ that wonderful evening. What a special and unique way to reach seekers of our Maker! Can't wait to see Hank & The Dogs again!

    Anonymous Bay Community Church
  • Olive Baptist Church - Pensacola, FL - March 3, 2012 I have to tell you my heart will never be the same! Yesterday I had the privilege to view one of the most powerful testimonies of the incredible Love and Voice and Salvation of Jesus Christ through one of His children, Hank Hough, and his beautiful Labrador retrievers, Prophet and his son, Bandera. The glorious and true and wonderful and life saving (for eternity) Gospel of Jesus Christ was made known through the obedience of these two labs and their faithfulness to hear their master's voice and commands and obey him over all the other voices in the audience shouting and enticing and tempting the dogs to do otherwise. Those faithful dogs kept their eyes focused on the one they knew loved them and protected them and did not turn to the temptations of all the other voices luring them to disobedience. Oh that we would all spend the time with the Son of the Living God, Jesus, in His Word, obeying His Commands, praying to Him, intently listening to His Loving and Guiding voice and experiencing His amazing JOY because we love Him and we know HE LOVES US! Hank told us how much he loved his dogs and did we all understand how when they faithfully looked to him in their love and obedience to his commands amid a clamor of others trying to draw them away how his heart exploded in love for them even more! How proud he was of them! Wow! A concept I had not realized before - how Jesus reacts when we choose to Hear His Voice in faithfulness and respond with love in obedience! to His Commands which are all for us, how it must tender HIS Mighty Heart toward His babies He hand formed in our mother's womb. "I have a plan for your lives - a perfect plan of joy and peace and purpose!" Even when we are faithless, He just proves more faithful and pours out His Love saying "Come to ME and I will give you rest for I am gentle and humble in heart." The bond between Hank and his labs was unmistakable - the love that Jesus Christ has for you and me is unfathomable - and the fact that sin separates us from God - undeniable. Jesus said "My sheep know my Voice and they follow Me - I am the Good Shepherd." Jesus is the only way to the Father and He beckons you to hear His Voice and Come to Him - it matters for eternity! Thank you Hank for answering His call and using those precious labs He created to bring His people- His precious creation - close to Him to hear His Voice - it matters for an eternity! And I was so blessed to meet you brother for we are forever united in Christ! He is so incredible the way He joins hearts of complete strangers in a heartbeat. I will pray for your ministry and I hope you are encouraged because you encouraged so many with the truth of Jesus! Praise to Jesus's redeeming awesome Name! Cathy

    Cathy Olive Baptist
  • I literally just walked in the door from watching Hank, Prophet and Bandera at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola. What an amazing demonstration of knowing the One who knows the point of it all. I am still moved by the trust and loyalty of the great dogs - I can only hope to one day have the same trust towards MY Master

    Lori Olive Baptist
  • Kingdom Dog Ministries is doing amazing stuff! 2010 - 4,517 saved 2011 - 6,063 saved 2012 - by my count has already exceeded 1500 saved. So what will happen in Lake Jackson this weekend? Folks, this ministry is on fire for God! AND, as we know, that means challenges arise ... and they have. 1) Please pray for Hank, his entire family (including the dogs) and all of us supporting the ministry, 2) Join me by contributing financially here on this web site. It's fast, safe and every penny goes to support the ministry directly, 3) and get ready for God to return the blessings in your life!!! God Bless you all.

  • What an amazing way to present the gospel, and I am having a hard time condensing my testimonial. Bro. Hank is truly an example of allowing God to use you and your God given gifts. If you ever have the chance to host this ministry for the people of your community, you need to pray that God would allow you to make this happen; with saying that, no matter what program you have it needs to be bathed in prayer. We as Christians need to find where God is moving and support that. This is such a message, for the family, that if we would get a grasp on the fact that we need to be obedient , and submit to Christ we would allow Christ to be the head of our families and He will give us the ability to minister to our families; from there the branches will produce fruit that will change our communities for Christ. Bro. Hank has such a heart for the person that needs Christ, and also for the Christian that needs to get back on the narrow path; he wants to help them fight the fight of the deceiver (Satan). We are in a spiritual fight and God has given us programs that allow us to see Christ and not give in to the enemy. God bless this ministry , and all the people that are blessed to see the word of God come to life in this unique way. FROM OSAGE BAPTIST CHURCH, ALPENA, AR.

    Anonymous Osage Baptist Church
  • What an AWESOME way to Glorify God in a way so many can relate to in their every day lives. Your program was very inspirational and uplifting for the young and older!

  • Dear Hank and dogs, Tonight at Pine Street Baptist Church, in Winnsboro Texas, I saw your presentation. I was astonished at what I could learn from watching a dog. All my life, I have seen people training dogs, but tonight it was I getting trained by a dog. It wasn't only the things you were saying, but also the dogs obedience to you. I have never wanted to be so much like a dog as I did tonight. It was so easy to see the similarities between the action of the dogs respect and obedience to you and the opportunities of obedience and respect God provides for us each and every day. We too are in training, and luckily, we have a very patient and loving trainer in God, and He will never give up hope for us. Something else tonight I was amazed by was the captive audience. No matter if the person was 70+ or under the age of 5, for over an hour, no person lost attention or wasn't eager to see what was coming next. As a second grade RA leader, this was just short of a miracle. This year is a very special year for me personally. I have been given the opportunity to go to East Asia and help spread the word of God. Your presentation has given me comfort in knowing that what I do is for the kingdom of God and has nothing to do with my wants or my obsession of life’s amenities. I feel Him telling me to go, and with love and obedience, I will go. Again, thank you so much for sharing with us the simple instructions of God. That is to love Him, because he loves us more than we could ever understand. So much that He sent his only son to die for us so that we may be saved, For that alone, we should be ambitious to tell other about Him. Thank you, Rusty.

    Rusty Pine Street Baptist
  • I saw Hank and Bandera at the Family Sportsman's Festival on January 28, 2012. What a blessing!! Thank you, Hank and Bandera, for presenting the gospel in such a wonderful and unique way. Hank, your love for Bandera shows us how God loves us. Bandera loves, obeys and trusts you as we should love, obey and trust Jesus Christ.

  • On Saturday 01/27/12, in Keystone Fl., I was blessed to see a man and his dog bring the word of god to life. As a Christian, a father, a husband, an outdoorsman, and a hunting dog owner I was touched by what I witnessed by this team of evangelists. I was asked to attend the Family Outdoorsmen Fest as a member of Ducks Unlimited; little did I know that a blessing would be bestowed on me. Hank and Bandera use the analogy of dog training to the word of god. As a hunting dog owner I was in delighted to watch Hank work Bandera to a 250 yard blind retrieve (through the crowd of onlookers), Bandera returned with a small stuffed lamb, I was brought to tears as when Hank spoke of the Shepard leaving the 99, to find the one sheep who was lost. Thank you Hank and Bandera, God bless you both.

    Bobby Dolan Keystone, FL
  • Kingdom Dog was the featured presentation at our outdoor, Family Sportsman Festival 2012, presented to reach the lost and un-churched. How does one describe the work of the Spirit of God and the Word of God as lived through the life of a world-class trainer and award winning dog? All I can say is they held the attention of men, woman, boys and girls to speak spiritual truth to them of everything from parenting to redemption. They were used of God to penetrate hearts, tear down defenses, and build up the body of Christ. Over two hundred and seventy decisions for Christ were indicated at the outdoor venue Saturday, and more in the worship service on Sunday morning. Praise the Lord and thank you Hank and Bandera for passionate obedience and humble service to the Master of all masters and Lord of Lords!

  • My name is Teke Dixon and I the pastor of Oak Hill Baptist Church in Waycross, Ga. We recently had Bro. Hank and his dog Prophet speak at our annual wild game supper. As Bro. Hank shared many awesome analogies and illustrations with the help of Prophet, the Gospel was presented in a clear and powerful way. The program was also very fun and exciting as Prophet entertained with amazing acts of obedience to his master. Considering that we had 219 people indicate that they made a decison for Jesus that night, I most definitely would give my highest recommendation to Kingdom Dog Ministries for any Christ-centered event.

    Teke Dixon Oak Hill Baptist