Here are a few notes that will help with your upcoming Kingdom Dog event. This outlines some needs, wants, and best practices to get the best possible outcome from your event.


These are the things we need to have available for the presentation:

  • Hands free microphone – an over the ear presentation mic1 (preferred) lavalier lapel mic2
  • Music stand – The dogs can ‚Äėget lost‚Äô behind a solid wooden podium/lectern. An open style podium is a must. ¬†An adjustable music stand3 is the best option for use during the presentation.
  • Small stool4 or open table – Approx¬†3 feet tall. ¬†This is used to place a small suitcase filled with dog toys. ¬†If not off the ground,¬†the dog will try to get into the case for his favorite toy.
  • Volunteers – They will be used to pass out decision cards toward the end of the presentation. KDM will provide the cards.
  • Pencils – enough¬†for¬†each person¬†in attendance to be able to write at the same time.
  • Large portable cross5 – large enough to be seen by the crowd that can be placed somewhere off the stage.
  • If KDM is flying in for the event, the host may have to provide dog food. See below for details.


These are the things that we would like to have for the presentation:

  • Best efforts by the host organization to promote the event online.
  • Slides on the overhead projector. We will provide.
  • Schedule interviews with local media prior to and during the event.

Wants After the Event

These are the things that we would like to have after the presentation:

  • A guest blog post for by the Pastor, organization leader, or senior member talking about the impact it had on the organization.
  • The rights to use, and access to, any professional quality photographs and video shot at the event.
  • Help identifying source material for any media appearances as a result of this event. If KDM did an interview, please keep your eye out for the link to the story and pass it on to us.

Travel Notes

  • All of the dogs are certified service dogs. ¬†Therefore, they are legally allowed at any hotel.
  • It may be necessary to purchase food for the dogs. ¬†Please verify that Pro-Plan dog food is available in your area. ¬†Changes in diet can cause digestive problems.
  • The dogs need to drink bottled water to prevent digestive problems.
  • Crates are not necessary for ground transportation. The dogs are fine riding in the passenger compartment or the luggage compartment of an SUV.

It is better if small children (under age 3) are either seated with their parents or a nursery/childcare arrangement is provided. This is for the safety of the children and the dogs as well as preventing distractions. This is not a small child’s event with a dog doing tricks.  It is a presentation that features highly trained, skilled dogs.  The dogs will be running FAST and if a child should step out onto the aisle, they, or the dogs, could be injured.



While you are welcome to use whatever videos you can find on our YouTube Channel, below are the two best for promoting the event.

We have several downloadable logos in various formats available. Click the download link below to access our logos folder.

Have a question or need help? Just ask.