*UPDATE* – Greetings friends. It’s been awhile since I’ve made any recent additions to the KDM blog. I believe I’m going to reserve this place for less frequent, but more in depth, writings about our experiences here at Kingdom Dog. Last weekend’s trip to Corn Mennonite Brethren church is as good a place as any to start.

(09/08-09/18) – Corn Oklahoma. Population 500. I doubt many have heard of this city and it’s name lends some brief insight as to why few are aware of Corn. The name suggests that this is a farming community with endless corn fields and that it’s citizens are clothed in overalls and straw hats. Indeed it is a farming community but corn is not among it’s chief crops. Their endless fields, and I mean endless, of crops include cotton, wheat, rye, peanuts, barley and sorghum. One can literally stand anywhere in Corn, make a 360 degree turn and hardly see a soul or house in sight. There is a strange peace and calmness in that. Video

I was surprised to learn that Corn used to be spelled “Korn” and is the German word for grain. The town was settled back in 1893 by German speaking Russian Mennonites and their Mennonite Brethren church was our destination. Besides the many grain silos it is one of the few structures standing tall in town. Springing up seemingly out of nowhere among the vast crop fields, it is a surprisingly modern in design. The pews of the church were filled with people from Corn as well as neighboring cities (not in overalls) to hear and see God’s word exemplified through KDM’s lab retrievers.

God moved 69 individuals to make new or renewed commitments to Christ! Preacher and I were very moved by the positive response we received from everyone during their Men’s event and Sunday church service. Corn is truly a blessed community of God loving individuals and we are very fortunate to have been a part of their special church event. They are truly a faithful community of Christians working together to glorify Jesus Christ in all they do. Thank you to Pastor Sandy and Estes for having us.


Men’s Event

Men’s Event

Sunday Service

With the Senior and Youth Pastors

Pastors Tim Sandy & Sean Estes

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