The Houston Project is a missionary journey within the city of Houston in which volunteers go nightly to serve at inner city locations . ¬† The dates ran from July 8 thru July 12. ¬†Kingdom Dog spoke nightly at four different locations, and our nightly exposure to these children was a confirmation of the need for the obedience shown in the Kingdom Dog Minisitries presentations. ¬†The visual presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ using live animals had an amazing effect upon these children, in which many gave their lives to Christ. ¬†There needs to be a Kingdom Dog presentation available for these children on a weekly basis. ¬†Our hats are off, and our hearts go out to those volunteers from First Baptist, who gave a week of their lives as missionaries to touch children right here in Houston. ¬†These children knew little to ¬†nothing about Jesus Christ before these events, and were hungry for the truth. ¬†For information on ‘The Houston Project’ go to, or call Malcom Marshall of Houston’s First Baptist Church ¬†at 713-335-6453.

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