(04/04/15) – Bandera and I made it out to Pella Iowa for a Sportman’s banquet in the Vermeer Global Pavilion.

The city of Pella is heavily influenced by the Dutch and we thoroughly enjoyed the many uniquely beautiful sites the city had to offer. Windmills and water channels fill every corner of this unique place. Also of interest is the uncommon, for southerns anyways, use of the word ‘Van’. Van Hoss, Van Stein, Vandike. I think we’ll re-name Bandera ‘Van Duck’.

The people of Pella were very kind and provided us with a comfortable jeep to drive as well as many hard hours of work preparing the pavilion for KDM’s event. Bandera and the Lord’s awesome power not only filled every seat in the pavilion, but lined the walls with eager Iowans. When God’s spirit moves through a crowd gathered in his name; you know what happens? The lives of 155 people are changed forever! Only God has that power, only God loves us that much, and it is only God I serve.

Wonderful night in the rolling hills of Pella Iowa. Hope to visit again soon.


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