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It was all about ministry at the Tomball Study Club monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 14 at Amegy Bank. TSC meetings are held at noon on the second Tuesday of every month.

Members enjoyed a special presentation from Christian speaker Hank Hough of Kingdom Dog Ministries. The ministry is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching obedience and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the unique use of Labrador Retrievers.

Hough uses humor and visual illustration with the dogs demonstrating obedience in the life of believers. KDM’s motto is “Seeing the Word of God through the eyes of a dog.”

“I have been doing this for about 12 years and the message is clear,” said Hough. “The dog that rebels to be free will end up on a short leash, the dog that is obedient is the one that becomes free.

According to Hough, this is what God’s word is saying. In order to be free he said you must spend time in God’s presence. Oftentimes, stated Hough, people see the dogs and think there will be some type of act or the dogs jumping through hoops or performing tricks. However, the dogs have a special impact on the audience.

“We gave 162 talks last year and had over 7,000 people make a commitment to Christ,” he said. “The dogs will speak a truth to some people; they can see themselves in the same position of that dog, either rebellious or self-serving. I have seen lives literally change.”

Cecilia Lang, a longtime TSC member, said the presentation has a powerful message. Lang stated she has seen the presentation before demonstrating obedience of a believer through dogs, and it never gets old.

“No matter how many times I see it, I learn something new every time.”


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