(08/07-09/15) -Loaded Preacher dog up and flew to the city of Rock Hill in South Carolina. With two out door events and a Sunday service scheduled, we had a busy weekend ahead of us.

First event (Friday) was the 11th Annual Quest for the Record Book, hosted by West End Baptist Church. This was an elaborate christian sporting goods event. I’ve seen events of this scale before but not one that was contained within a church (seats 1,200). It had several sporting goods sponsors such as archery and camping equipment shops. Extras included door prizes, BBQ, and a grand prize valued at $7,000. Like I said, elaborate and exciting! The presentation went well and Preacher brought his ‘A’ game. He performed his most difficult lost sheep retrieval to date. You can see the scene from the pics below that there is a second level onstage, accessed via stairs, with two elevated drama stages on both sides and a baptism tank in the center. He was told to run up the stairs, not knowing where he was going, through the drama stages and into the Baptism tank in order to retrieve the lost sheep. I wasn’t sure if he was going to pull it off or not (how embarrassing if he didn’t) but the Preacher pulled through! During this presentation there were 340 people who committed their lives to Christ! That’s 340 in one presentation! If that’s not proof that your prayers can work wonders, I don’t know what is.

The second event we participated in (Saturday) was the Solid Foundations Men’s Banquet; hosted by Oakdale Baptist church. This was a stark contrast from West End Baptist in that it was more intimate in setting and crowd. The church was ornate in design with dark wooden support beams lining the ceiling, all focusing to a point. Reminds me of Dutch architecture that I’ve seen awhile back in the USA. There was a heavy Dutch influence on the town. Architecture aside God was never the less present as he aided Preacher in leading 21 men to give their lives to Christ!

We ended our visit in South Carolina with a final stop at Lakewood Baptist for their regular Sunday service. Although the congregation was larger than Lakewood’s (church vs men’s group) the vibe felt more intimate still. In addition to Preacher dog, they had a special guest speaker that goes by the name of C. J. Matthews. C. J. was representing his school as a debate team winner, in the preaching category, and brought his dog with him to deliver a brief sermon to Lakewood’s congregation. This was Kingdom Dog’s youngest presenter and we were very proud to have been there to hear his message (more on C. J. later). During our presentation God inspired 34 men and women to make commitments to God! Between all three events this weekend, God led a grand total of 395 people to know him! We serve an awesome God indeed!

This has been the first large scale event we’ve participated in awhile. Felt good to see so many faces gathered to worship God. These past three events in South Carolina are important for me because of the large number of commitments given; and yet I can’t help but be reminded of a story I’ve heard about Billy Graham. A pastor gave an invitation during a service and only one man in the congregation was willing to commit his life. That man was Mr. Graham. Every life counts and think of the impact God made with just one man. Food for thought.

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers. They’re always appreciated!


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