Greetings friends! Our website calendar has been down the past few days so I’m updating you on the busy week ahead. We’re traveling to Mississippi for several days of talks in Kiln, Picayune, Carriere, and Poplarville.We need your prayers for strength and endurance as well as God’s favor for the events.

The schedule of events are as follows:

-8am – Hancock Middle School
-9:45am – Hancock High School
-12:00pm – Hancock West Elementary
-1:30pm – Hancock North Elementary
-6:30pm – Hancock High School

-Pearl River Central High School
8:30-9:30 7th & 8th Grade
9:30-10:30 11th & 12th Grade
10:30-11:30 9th & 10th Grade
11:30-12:30 6th Grade
-6:30pm – Pearl River Central High School

-9:15am – Poplarville Middle School
-11:00-11:30am – Poplarville Upper Elementary
-3:00-6:00pm – Block Party

If you’re in the area, we’d love to visit with you. Thank you and God bless.

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