(01/17/16) The Dogs and I visited our neighbors in Fort Worth for a talk at North Richland Hills. Beautiful campus with a wonderful turn out. Rows and rows of people present to hear God’s word manifested through the simple metaphor of trainer and dog that God has blessed us with. We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to share the wonders of God’s love and power with the congregation of Richland Hills. During our talk 72 people committed their lives to God.

Special thanks to Pastor Scott Maze for having us. Until next we meet, go in God’s good grace.

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  • Hal

    I spoke with you after your presentation at Ephesus BC. I was truly amazed. AWESOME! EBC sponsors a drug & addiction recovery program, that the court mandates some people to attend. I was his taxi. He had missed a meeting at another facility yesterday because of helping our pastor at a different church 45 minute drive from EBC. He was baptized this past Sunday. EBC was our backup plan that we had NEVER used for a missed meeting. What a wonderful blessing God gave us when we showed up for that rehab meeting and someone from that meeting gave us the last 2 tickets. Food was Great. The food you presented was better and will last so much longer. You taught this old dog some new tricks. We serve a GREAT & AWESOME God!

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