(05/28/15) – The KDM team, accompanied by Bandera, Red, and Levi, gave several presentations at Lakewood United Methodist in Houston.  This church is home to a few personal friends of ours and we were delighted that we could bring KDM’s message to their home church’s congregation.

Bandera and Red were the primary Labs used for the presentations while Levi, still a young puppy, kept an ever watchful eye. In general our experience at Lakewood has been emotional. Many were in tears and/or shock over the power of God’s truth as illustrated simply through the trainer/dog relationship. So thankful for the many personal and emotional comments that were shared with us by Lakewood’s members afterwards. It’s humbling to hear how God has touched people’s lives in so many unique ways and we’re so thankful that God has blessed us with a simple message that continues to glorify Him with His humble beasts of the field.

We were asked not to give an alter call, so only once we reach the gates of Heaven will we truly know how many gave their lives to Christ that day.

Special thanks to Brownie and Becky Kimes, as well as Reverend Fort for having us.


Lakewood United Methodist Church

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