(07/07-10/14) – KDM was asked to be a part of Project Houston 1:8 again this year. We took part in this event last year and really enjoyed the many ways that Houston First Baptist is reaching out to their community and sharing God’s word. The battle for truth has to be won on the home front before it can be taken elsewhere. If local churches don’t reach out to their own communities then pretty soon other countries will be sending missionaries to the States! Lead by example.

If you have not checked out HFBC’s local effort to spread God’s word then please do so. I’ve provided a link below with more information.

The dogs and I gave several talks during the week that took place at many different locations. We encountered varied crowds, ages, and attitudes; but God’s presence was always there. During our talks the Lord inspired 138 people to give their lives to Jesus!

Thank you so much HFBC for inviting us and for the many prayers and kind words we received.

Houston First Baptist

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