(08/12/15) – Last week Bandera and I were invited to speak at an event in Casper Wyoming; which took place at Highland Park Community church.

Wyoming is a beautiful state with a surprisingly large wild life population that roams free in plain sight. Fields filled with antelopeĀ  and other grazing animals seemed to be everywhere. Another odd detail of Casper was that all grass, everywhere, was brown. Endless fields and pastors of nothing but brown grass as far as one can see. However, because of irrigation the church grounds are covered in lush green grass. This is interesting because the green grass attracts large, and I mean large, amounts of rabbits. Bandera was a bit taken back, to say the least, and had great difficulty containing his urge to chase the fury creatures. The air in Wyoming is also quite thin and there were several instances where I felt light headed. Was so thankful I did not pass out since Bandera would be the one giving me mouth to mouth in order revive me. Those are not good odds!Ā  Yuck!

The event itself was a joy to be a part of. Extremely nice people in Casper and the food was full of Elk! Elk brisket, elk tacos, elk everything; and tasty. Bandera enjoyed performing at Highland Park and with the good Lord guiding his movements, he used Bandera to inspire 131 people to give their lives to Jesus!

What an awesome blessing and experience to be apart of. Thank you so much to Mr. Fader for inviting us. We had a great time and hope to return some day. Until then, go in God’s grace.


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