(02/06/16) – Aside from a talk the Dogs gave in New Hampshire, we’ve been doing a miniture tour of Texas and Harleon was our next stop. The Kingdom Dog Team and I stopped off for a talk at Harleton Baptist Church.

Bandera presented in front of a crowd primarily consisting of ‘good old boys’ (the camoe gives them away). We were also able to send him “back” into the baptismal (possibly a new trend?) for our grand finale. This is meant to demonstrate that if you trust God and follow his will into the unknown, the reward is greater than anything the “world” has to offer . This is not an easy feat for a dog (or man), especially when they momentarily loose sight of me. During our talk Bandera inspired 16 individuals to make new or renewed commitments to Jesus Christ!

Special thanks to Pastor Sherman for having us!


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