It is Friday, September 2008 in Amarillo, Texas. A man stands before a crowd numbering in the thousands, but he is not alone. He is armed with the Word of God and two hunting dogs. By anyone’s standards two hunting dogs and the Word of God are a strange combination, but before the event is over, literally hundreds will dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ, and 87 will not leave the church until they are baptized! What did they come to see? Kingdom Dog Ministries (KDM), a backyard-born presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ delivered by, of all things, a hunting dog.

In 2008, Hank Hough, an avid outdoorsman and his two hunting dog companions, Prophet and Monk, retrieved hundreds of ducks and geese from the marshlands and rice fields of Texas. That was Saturday mornings, because on Sunday mornings they were retrieving for Jesus in a church. That’s right, they go from swamps to churches, mud flats to carpets, duck blinds to cathedrals, camo to robes, and from guns to organ music. But the mission always remains the same. It is to “Go” … find those that are lost and return them to the Master.

What is KDM?

KDM spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ through the teaching of biblical principals using champion Labrador retrievers.

How did it get started?

It began in a duck blind and the moved to the backyard in 2003 without a name, without a vision, or even the awareness of it’s birth. It began with a neighbor, then a youth group, then a church, then civic organizations, then onto public schools. Since then it has been featured in magazines as well as radio and television, including the 700 Club. In 2008 KDM had the privilege of speaking at both state and national level events and gave a total of 151 presentations across America. Their web site video is currently experiencing 3,000 to 5,000 hits per day. Today, no one is more surprised at what is happening than Hank and Jayne Hough, the founders of KDM.

What is driving KDM?

Truth. Truth is one of the most needed messages in America today, and that truth is being delivered by some of the most unusual messengers, DOGS, Joshua 24:15 called Prophet, Romans 1:16 called Monk, and John 8:32 called Bandera. It is not about high-tech extravagance, elaborate displays, or elegant speech. It is about the SIMPLICITY of God’s timeless truths, not spoken, but revealed through live illustrations.

One of the statements that ignited KDM was, “If you don’t see God in everything, you will see Him in nothing; you cannot pick and choose where God is.” It was with that statement in mind that Hank looked down at a new chocolate puppy and said, “If that is true, and if we are to glorify God with everything we do; then how would you glorify Him with this new puppy, this dirt magnet?” That was six years ago when Hank could not even talk in front of a crowd. That new puppy became known as Monk (Isaiah 40:31), that new puppy was the first born of KDM, he went around America by way of NBC’s 700 Club, he went around the world by way of Christian World News, that new puppy altered the direction of thousands of lives for the Lord, and Hank had said, in the comfort of his living room, “how would you glorify God with this new puppy?” Wow!

When the enemy of God sent a giant with a sword to challenge his people, God did not answer with a bigger giant. He sent a country boy, a shepherd with a sling shot. Why? SO that the world might see, and know of His power! Today, that same enemy appears to be challenging God’s people using high tech and multimedia. God just may be answering again with country boys, but this time He has given them dogs. Why? So that the world might see, and know of His power!

What are the expectations of KDM?

KDM has a personal hope that the men of America will wake up for the sake of this country and their children, and become engaged in the battle that exists between good and evil. However, KDM is void of expectations, mentally fighting everyday to put down their own dreams and needs to be significant. KDM’s objective is to raise up men to become true champions for the Lord; prepared, eager, focused, and willing to go the distance never gone before, and yet capable of being satisfied to just faithfully sit in His presence.

The current economic downturn and political instability in America has caused men to take a deeper look within their own hearts and to possibly discover the unchangeable truths found in God’s word. When a young dog is ‘born again’, he no longer sees you with the same eyes. He no longer just believes IN you, he BELIEVES IN YOU, and that is when his life changes and he becomes of value to his master. The same is true in our own lives (Rev. 12:11). When YOU know that Jesus Christ died for YOU then that is the beginning of the transformation of your life. That transformation is seen in your eagerness to tell others. It starts with telling your own family and those you love. As the power of God’s spirit grows, you will have a hunger for His Word, and the desire to tell others of this life changing power of the gospel. You are then willing to stand firm at all cost that the next generation might know of this power, this grace, this freedom, this truth.

How are you personally progressing today in your own spiritual life? Not in comparison with other men, but in comparison with who God wants you to be. If God made you to be a Labrador, don’t try to be a rabbit dog, or a sheep herder, or a guard dog. Just be all you can be for the one that has chosen you to be His.

There is an old saying that when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear. Your best friend and trusty hunting dog could very well be that teacher. Is the pupil ready, or are you off wasting your life chasing things that you can’t even catch? Seek ye first the kingdom of God…

What are others saying about KDM?

“One of the most creative evangelistic tools to emerge in current times.”

“Modern day parables.”

“Those are not dogs, they are 21st century weapons for the Lord.”

“I never thought a dog could make me cry.”

“They (dogs) were a visual window to the Bible for me.”

“I saw it, after 50 years of listening, I saw it.”

“You may laugh, you may even cry, but somewhere in between you will unexpectedly see the Bible unfold, run across the stage, lick your face, and even possibly lay at your feet.”

“Don’t miss it, and don’t walk, but run to the front row.”

KDM needs more champions

1. We need people whose hearts have been touched by God to financially support us while we travel, train, and spread the word of God.

2. We need a larger vehicle to travel with the dogs in safety and comfort.

3. We need land and a facility for training new dogs, and additional speakers. Let’s take America back!

4. We need veterinarians, dog food, supplies, and administrative help.

5. Most of all, we need (on your knees) prayer warriors to continually pray for the direction and purpose of our personal lives and KDM.

When men are transformed by making a life changing decision to accept Jesus Christ then their determination to encourage others will determine the direction of the rest of their lives. See you at the finish line.

In HIS wonderful grace,

Hank and THE DOGS

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