(09/13/15) – The KDM team ventured back to Caldwell Texas for a Sunday worship service at the Burleson County Cowboy Church. There’s a long stream of these types of cowboy churches all over Texas and they seem to be making their mark on the communities they inhabit. This church has a comfortable Godly feel to it with country/western style praise and worship music. We enjoy all forms of worship but the country music style was a refreshing twist.

I had a few personal friends present in the audience but I was impressed with the large effort the congregation made inviting first time visitors. So many hands went up when asked if it was their first time attending! We are honored for the strong vote of confidence and excited to see how God’s word was going to work on their hearts. 94 commitments to Jesus Christ were made that day. 94! Although I was speaking, I can’t help but feel like on “on-looker” while God used the dogs to paint a picture of his love and majesty through them. He made Heaven a little fuller and Hell a little emptier that day.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice lunch with pastor Abke and church members, consisting of local Mexican cuisine, as well as an interesting discussion about the church’s mission and preaching style; which focuses on the kingdom of God.

Thanks so much to the Pastor and congregation of Burleson County for having us. Until we meet again.

Burleson County Cowboy Church

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  • Pastor George Kanicks

    Iam happy and blessed to come across your Burleson County cowboy church. God is doing great and wonderful glorious things in your midst. Pastor George…. Kenya

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