You are personally invited to attend the Kingdom Dog Capital Campaign Kick-off Banquet!

On Thursday, May 31st, 2012, Kingdom Dog Ministries is kicking off their capital campaign with a banquet. You are personally invited.

This banquet will be held at XXXX. The lineup for the nights festivities include …

Why does KDM need a capital campaign?

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The need for more dogs comes from…

What has KDM been up to lately?

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In the last year…

A personal note from Hank.

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Most of you reading this have either been to a Kingdom Dog Ministries presentation or at last watched it on video. A friend of mine once told me “what a goofy schtick, but it works.” Well as you all know it does work to illustrate our Lord’s devotion to us and the obedience required of us all. Four years ago I started with a dog, a truck, and the Holy Spirit in my heart on the road to KDM. What an adventure it is!

Today KDM is a ministry that has traveled by request to almost every state in the USA, spreading the love of Jesus Christ to thousands of Christians and non-Christians alike. We have to date _____ declare themselves to Jesus Christ with _____ just last year and _____ this year alone.

When we look at the task of fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission, think about one man, one truck and one dog and what the Lord has accomplished through that effort. The obvious question is “what could the Lord accomplish with 10, 20 or 100 Kingdom Dog presenters?” I have spent a lot of time in thought and prayer about this question. I know many people who love dogs and are sold out for the Lord. They would love to become a part of this ministry. The shortage is trained dogs.

To alleviate this shortage, I propose by God’s will and grace, to build a Kingdom Dog Ministries training facility to train dogs specifically for this ministry. This will require the purchase of 5-10 acres and building a training facility with kennels and housing for a trainer. To accomplish this goal, we are launching a capital campaign to raise as much as $500,000. Just imagine! Just imagine what the Holy Spirit could accomplish with the multiplication of this ministry.

One of the real differences in the Kingdom Dog Ministries approach to evangelism is that in talking to and about dogs, no person is intimidated or indicted, but everyone is. If you feel in your heart that God see a way forward for KDM to be multiplied, then after prayer, please partner with us to see this vision and dream become reality to glorify our Lord and make a greater impact in our Lord’s Great Commission.

In Christ,
Hank Hough

Hank Hough
Kingdom Dog Ministries