Olive Baptist Church – Pensacola, FL – March 3, 2012

I have to tell you my heart will never be the same! Yesterday I had the privilege to view one of the most powerful testimonies of the incredible Love and Voice and Salvation of Jesus Christ through one of His children, Hank Hough, and his beautiful labrador retreivers, Prophet and his son, Bandera. The glorious and true and wonderful and life saving (for eternity) Gospel of Jesus Christ was made known through the obedience of these two labs and their faithfulness to hear their master’s voice and commands and obey him over all the other voices in the audience shouting and enticing and tempting the dogs to do otherwise.

Those faithful dogs kept their eyes focused on the one they knew loved them and protected them and did not turn to the temptations of all the other voices luring them to disobedience. Oh that we would all spend the time with the Son of the Living God, Jesus, in His Word, obeying His Commands, praying to Him, intently listening to His Loving and Guiding voice and experiencing His amazing JOY because we love Him and we know HE LOVES US!

Hank told us how much he loved his dogs and did we all understand how when they faithfully looked to him in their love and obedience to his commands amid a clamor of others trying to draw them away how his heart exploded in love for them even more! How proud he was of them! Wow! A concept I had not realized before – how Jesus reacts when we choose to Hear His Voice in faithfulness and respond with love in obedience! to His Commands which are all for us, how it must tender HIS Mighty Heart toward His babies He hand formed in our mother’s womb. “I have a plan for your lives – a perfect plan of joy and peace and purpose!”

Even when we are faithless, He just proves more faithful and pours out His Love saying “Come to ME and I will give you rest for I am gentle and humble in heart.”

The bond between Hank and his labs was unmistakable – the love that Jesus Christ has for you and me is unfathonable – and the fact that sin separates us from God – undeniable.

Jesus said “My sheep know my Voice and they follow Me – I am the Good Sheperd.” Jesus is the only way to the Father and He beckons you to hear His Voice and Come to Him – it matters for eternity!

Thank you Hank for answering His call and using those precious labs He created to bring His people- His precious creation – close to Him to hear His Voice – it matters for an eternity! And I was so blessed to meet you brother for we are forever united in Christ! He is so incredible the way He joins hearts of complete strangers in a heartbeat. I will pray for your ministry and I hope you are encouraged because you encouraged so many with the truth of Jesus! Praise to Jesus’s redeeming awesome Name!