Glory jr

Psalm 46:10

Glory was born on March 14, 2010 and is a 63 pound female chocolate Labrador retriever. Her father is Bandera, and her grandfather is Prophet.  is an incredibly loyal and obedient companion. She has an incredible disposition and loves children.

Hank says “I love female dogs, because they are so loving and willing to please, but I donʼt routinely mix females and males at the kennel. However, I could not let Glory go, because of the way her eyes penetrated my heart. She is special and talented. She has a real balance of speed, intelligence, desire, and focus. She has the power to touch hearts and lives for our Lord.
She is already titled, and has been used to give KDM Presentations. I so believe in this dog, and feel in my inner heart that God is going to do something great with her. I just canʼt wait to tell you ……”I told you so”.

We have had the privilege to do over 120 presentations in the last eighteen months in front of over 24,000 people with over 4,000 Salvations.