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If any single description fits Bandera it is ʻDangerous for Goodʼ.

Bandera is a 97 pound black male labrador retriever. He was born April 15, 2007. Like his father (the Prophet) he is a hunter, a friend, and a Master Level competition dog. Bandera has exceptional intelligence, excellent speed, controlled high energy, a magnificent muscular body, and a relentless desire to serve and retrieve. He is one of the most beautiful, hard charging, competition dogs I have ever seen. I am continually stopped by others with the same comment – ʻ Wow! What a beautiful dog.ʼ

The name Bandera means ʻThe Ultimate Warriorʼ, the standard by which all others shall be judged.If you ask him who he is he will say, “I am Bandera, the son of Prophet (Joshua 24:15). Donʼt we wish our own children would be that proud of us.

An interesting note: I did not want Bandera as a puppy. I needed hard driving dogs, running fire, and Bandera was huge, beautiful, laid back, and clumsy. It was my priceless wife that interceded for him. She fell in love with his beauty and kindness, and asked me to keep him. She promised me that he would perform once he stopped growing. Wow! I almost missed one of Godʼs great gifts for me. Today he is truly ʻthe ultimate warrior.ʼ Do not stand between Bandera, and that which I have asked him to retrieve. He is Dangerous for Good!