(09/27/15) – The KDM team ventured to the close neighboring city of Magnolia for a Sunday service at Silver Springs Baptist. Although it’s exciting to travel far and wide to preach God’s word it is so nice sometimes to stay close to home. I was even able to bring Prophet along (who’s retired) to stretch his legs.

Silver Springs is a mid-size church led by pastor Scott Zbylot, who has fostered a strong congregation of prayer warriors. You hear that phrase frequently in Christian settings but ever dwell on what it means? In Silver Springs you will find the answer. Men and women who, are not only passionate for Jesus (that’s the starting criteria), whole-heartedly believe in the power of prayer and are hungry to do good in the lives of anyone that will let them.

The congregation of Silver Springs was warmly receptive to our presentation and I was even able to send Bandera up into the baptismal to retrieve (2nd time this has happened, new trend?). Also, our team member Alana brought the young Lazarus (several month old pup) on stage demonstrating stay and be still (Psalm 46:10). Very proud of both of them. During our presentation the Lord inspired 36 individuals to make new or re-newed commitments to Jesus Christ!

Thank you so much pastor Zbylot for having us as and thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. Praise be to God.

Silver Springs Baptist

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