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We don’t talk much about the behind the scenes work at Kingdom Dog Ministries because to be honest, it isn’t the primary mission. But, like any organization, it is essential. That said, we do get lots of questions about what goes on.

Here is an example. Imagine The Kingdom Dogs: Preacher, Bandera, Red, and Cross-fire, as part of a baseball analogy. They are a Major League team.

But, that isn’t the whole organization right? Anyone who knows the way a baseball franchise works knows there is a farm team. Well in a sort, we have the same! The farm team, but certainly not bush league, is made up of other good dogs. They are from the blood-line but just haven’t been called up to the Major League. However, there is occasionally, but rarely, a walk on who isn’t from the blood-line.

As we were out training on a ranch just north of Houston today, it occurred to me that most of you have never seen the discipleship of the farm team dogs. They experience wonderful little successes on their journey to possibly being in the majors. Here are two tiny examples from today. A young dog named Revelation or ‘Rev’ for short (not to be confused with the Kingdom Dog ‘Red’) was with us. He has been at Hank’s neighbors house on and off for almost a year (most of his life) and hadn’t seen a real duck yet. Well today, this high-energy fella got to go out with us and not only see a duck, but also started retrieving them like a boss! This is kind of like when a baseball player first figures out his swing timing and he connected! We all had a proud moment. It may seem like a small thing but it is an essential milestone to stay on the farm team. We got a quick picture of ‘Rev’ and his first duck.

Similarly, but much further down the roster, is a little guy named ‘Levi’. He is just 8 weeks old and is in the hands of Alana Curry, one of the puppy trainers for the ministry. He got to go for his first little water retrieve having never been in the water and returning with puppy bumpers. Hank caught a little video clip for you.

In short, not all of our ministry work is stardom. The work we do without a human audience, still has an audience of One. The Lord is watching from the coach’s perspective and that is okay with us. Maybe one day, ‘Rev’ or ‘Levi’ could be called up to help demonstrate the obedience God asks of us. Who knows they may even share the good news of Jesus Christ with others?

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