(08/07/15) – Last Friday one of our presenters, Fred Simmons, gave a children’s talk to a kids group at Redwood Community Church. This was our third year presenting at Redwood Community so we wanted to make it unique. Fred decided to focus on a ‘back to school’ theme. With Summer winding down this is not the most thrilling topic for children to endure, but it’s an important one none the less.

Fred used Sam to demonstrate how obedience can pave the way to becoming a champion is all facets of life. God can see further down the road than we can and trusting that he’s looking out for us, even if it doesn’t seem like it, is essential in our relationship with him. This statement rings true not just with God but with one’s elders, teachers, and parents. When we do this we find that God rewards us in ways we could not have imagined. Fred and Sam demonstrated this when Sam came running back with his HUGE dog bone that was hidden beyond Sam’s sight. Had Sam disobeyed Fred, he would not have discovered the bone.

We’re proud of Fred and Sam, and we’re glad that they’ve had a chance to make a difference at Redwood Community.


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