(08/23/17) – Spoke this Wednesday at the Pontotoc County Fair in Saratoga Mississippi. For some reason I had been feeling a lot of opposition heading into this talk. Not sure if the good people of Saratoga were in need or if I was under attack spiritually.

Headed into the event knowing it was going to be a rodeo arena. Arenas usually bring about awful conditions for the dogs with all the loose dirt as well as strange acoustics with microphones. I asked for prayers and guidance from friends and family and the Holy Spirit did just that. There were more than 600 people that turned out to hear God’s word! Additionally, 60 individuals made new or renewed commitments to Jesus Christ!

What a blessing to be part of what the good Lord is doing. Thank you to all who prayed for us. They were heard and felt. We have now been up for 16 hours and have to be on the road again soon. Until next time.

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