Two beautiful, obedient Labrador Retrievers have taken on the most important task known to man … teaching others. Prophet and Monk are carrying out some very important work in churches, schools and special events through their mission at Kingdom Dog.

Hank and Jayne Hough, the founders of Kingdom Dog Ministries (KDM), may just have one of the most important uses of our canine friends to surface in this century. KDM delivers a powerful message about the power and freedom of obedience.

This canine duo, along with their trainer and master, Hank Hough, provide both children and parents alike a performance designed to communicate that obedience will set you free. Kingdom Dog is grounded in God’s word and in church presentations, they clearly embrace Christian principles. For their non-church presentations, they tailor the message to be more secular. Either way, it is a powerful message that everyone would be compelled to watch.

One observer of the KDM presentation stated that, “they were not dogs, but instead, 21st century weapons for the Lord, aimed at turning this great nation back to the principles that it once had: obedience, discipline, loyalty, and faithfulness”. Their ability to change lives, perspectives and even parenting choices is truly amazing.

In a typical demonstration, KDM shows the audience the principle that the dog that rebels to be free will end up most confined. He will spend the rest of his life walking on a short leash, behind a fence, or in a cage. The message to the spectators is clear; don’t let that happen to you, or to those that you love. The dog that is free to play in the fields of life without a leash is the dog that is obedient.

As Hank puts it, “I am just and average man, with an average dog; what is happening to KDM is beyond their talent, ability and even their efforts. They have gone from the back yard in 2003, to being with a neighbor, to talking to churches, men’s groups, public schools, local events, state events, national events, T.V., and national recognition.”

Currently Hank and his messengers provide content to national outdoor
publications, perform over 150 presentations per year and are receiving up to 4,000 hits per day on their YouTube video. Yes, you have to watch this video. It is not a fancy production, and is a few years old, but there is no doubt you will see a glimpse of the powerful message that a dog and a man can deliver. To see the video visit PetTalk and the link is on the homepage.

So what drives Hank to pursue this path of teaching through his dogs? “It’s not about high tech, great wisdom, perfect dogs, elaborate displays, elegant speeches or extravagance. It is about the simplicity in God’s truth illustrated through one of His own living creations … beautiful, faithful, loyal and obedient Labrador Retrievers.”

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