(08/30/15) – Drove out to Tyler Texas for a men’s event on Sunday at FBC Tyler. I usually enjoy these semi-local drives through Texas country side but that day I had such a late start. The dogs I wanted to use for this event, Preacher and Cross, were extremely hot and decided to jump into our pool. Then they proceeded to roll around in the dirt immediately after. Not so good when I’m trying to get on the road with a seven hour drive ahead of me. Needless to say I had to stop everything and wash them thoroughly. It’s not all fun and games!

Despite the setback we made it to Tyler the night before and were ready to go for Sunday. FBC Tyler’s campus is beautiful. It’s almost like a park in the way that it’s built around a lake. Nice added bonus for the dogs to stretch their legs before and after the event. Employees were overly generous and helpful with our gear as we set up. During the event there was an unusual presentation using a falcon. They had a bird trainer demonstrate and discuss how they use falcons to help them hunt! That’s a first for me as well as the dogs (who were looking hard at the falcon). Took them awhile to realize it wasn’t a chicken.

The talk went very well and we were able to debut a new KDM puppy, Lazarus! He’s only sixteen weeks old and already an up and comer for the KDM team. During our talk God used the dogs to inspire 84 individuals to give their lives to Christ!

Special thanks to Pastor Pike for having us.


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